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Leading the Change

A Women-Led Campaign  

Our Campaign

We plan to field a women-led boat for the Annapolis to Newport race in June 2023. Our project is mission driven, rooted in values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, environmentalism, and youth involvement. Our goal is to be a highly competitive boat that performs well while making an impact on the sailing community in relation to our values.

We have secured the Tartan 4100 Kyrie, a top performing race boat, for our campaign. Our crew currently includes: Maya Hoffman, Skipper (24); Chelsea Freas, Navigator, (32); Leah Sweet, Speed Coach (32); Emma Janson, Boat Captain, Safety Officer (25); Lily Flack (20); Callie Dawson (17); Ellie Menezes (16); and Beth Berry, Boat Owner (60). The average age of our crew is 26; this is a feat of its own because youth and young adult sailors aren’t afforded ocean racing opportunities as it takes years of experience and networking to break into. Our team also includes shore support from Lindsay Gimple, Campaign Advisor (27) and Aubrey Polliard, Graphic Designer (25).

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